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About us

Our story

Analysis Prime is the Analytics and Performance Management company that is primed for the Digital Transformation age. We were founded with the principals of cloud, digital, time-to-value, and as-a-service, from the ground out. Fashioned out of the knowledge of some of the industry’s most experienced leaders, Analysis Prime is all about relationships not projects, about value not price, and about making expertise available to our customer base in service of maximizing the value of their investments in people, processes, and systems.

Every great story has a beginning. Here is ours.






Global Partner Summit @ SAP in Waldorf showcased SAP‘s all-in on Cloud. Analysis Prime founders catch a vision for the future of Analytics and Planning consulting.

SAP announces SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) product launch in Chicago. At the following EPM Strategic Advisory Council, founding partners get the vision for the SAP Analytics Cloud roadmap and meet with SAP’s product leadership to confirm their vision

Analysis Prime’s founding partners sell the 1st SAP Analytics Cloud project globally.

Analysis Prime founding partners sell and implement several of the next SAP Analytics Cloud planning projects.

Partners continue to jointly work on several SAP Analytics Cloud sales opportunities and implementations.

Analysis Prime partners’ reputations take off as undisputed global leaders for SAP Analytics Cloud sales and implementation.

The partners work together to close several major deals, including some of the largest in SAP’s history.

The SAP Analytics Cloud implementation methodology and approach continues to be refined to solidify Analysis Prime as leaders in the space.

Analysis Prime launches.

Quickly becomes an in-demand partner for SAP Analytics Cloud, collaborating with SAP on sales and implementation.

Analysis Prime defines and sells its first Experts-as-a-Service (ExaaS) offering.

Within weeks, Analysis Prime closes its first several deals.

Analysis Prime expands rapidly.

Another 150% headcount growth in the first 4 months of 2019. Surpasses 2018 revenue within the first 5 months. Over 350% YoY growth, including more than tripling the size of our team.

Delivered multiple implementation and ExaaS clients, totaling as many as 9 concurrent active projects and 10 active ExaaS customers by end of the year.

Extended service offerings to incorporate Platform & Technology, winning multiple solution architecture and implementation services projects.

What makes us unique

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Our team

Our team consists of an ideal blend of highly experienced functional and technical resources with energetic and modern thinking personnel to deliver solutions that are as visually and conceptually elegant as they are functionally efficient.

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Our expertise

Analysis Prime is committed to continuous innovation and dedication to customer relationship management, offering expertise, content, and packaged rapid value solutions to help our customers succeed.

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Our focus

No matter where you are in your Digital Transformation journey, Analysis Prime has a customized solution to help you take advantage of modern Planning and Analytics capabilities to get you there faster.

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Our success

Our experts were among the first to implement SAP Analytics Cloud and have built a reputation as undisputed global leaders for SAP Analytics Cloud with over 300 successful project implementations.

A different approach to consulting

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Analysis Prime Brings 20+ years of expertise to Planning, Analytics, and Technology.

Our modern approach recognizes that companies need a Hive Mind of real experts with knowledge across integrated solutions, with deep functional and industry wisdom.

We’ve packaged our offerings to bring rapid value up-front and through the lifetime of your product.  In doing so, we can showcase value-add opportunities for bringing the latest capabilities to your systems and help you deliver business outcomes today and beyond.

A modern solution needs Experts on the cutting edge of innovation and abreast all recent innovations. 

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Become a part of an innovative team

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