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Tenant Migration


Why tenant migration

The reasons for tenant migration vary. Most of the time, customers choose to migrate their tenants for ease of management, internal policy, better life cycle experience or because of SAP’s strategic direction. ​

Tenant Migration Scenarios

Neo to Cloud 
Foundry Migration​

  • SAP plans to close all its NEO data centers. SAC customers must move to Cloud Foundry (CF) Data Center​

  • Some SAC current/future features are only available on Cloud Foundry:​

    • Smart Predict​

    • Copen Connector​

    • Schedule and Publish​

    • SAP Analytics Cloud, Add-in for Microsoft​

    • Predictive Planning​

  • Certain integrations are only available on CF:​

    • Data Warehouse Cloud​

    • HANA Cloud​

  • Some SAC commercial offerings are only available on CF

Cloud Infrastructure 
Provider Change ​

  • SAC is available with different cloud infrastructure providers. Customers may want to switch platforms as new providers become available or the change of their internal guidance: ​

    • Amazon AWS​

    • Microsoft Azure​

    • Google Cloud Platform (Future)​

    • Alibaba Cloud (Mainland China only)​

Data Center 

  • Customers would like to relocated their SAC tenant from one data center to another​

  • To be closer to majority of user counts for better performance and maintenance experience​

  • A new data center becomes available in their local market or closer to their local market​

  • Required to move due to security and compliance restriction

Tenant Upgrade or
Add On​

  • Customer would like to upgrade their tenant from public tenant to private tenant.

  • Customer would like to purchase additional tenants (i.e. new test tenant)

Understand your options

Analysis Prime offers two layers of migration service to customers based on the complexity of their landscape

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Don’t know which options works best for you? Schedule a free consultation with an expert.

Expert support for every step of the process

Our experts help you through every step of your tenant migration process, including the most challenging, pre and post migration steps of your journey.

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Support beyond migration

Leverage a plethora of services following the migration to bring you to the next adoption stage of SAP Analytics Cloud.

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Talk to an Expert about your tenant migration today

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