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SAP Datasphere

What is SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datasphere unifies data and analytics in a multi-cloud solution that includes data integration, database, data warehouse, and analytics capabilities for a data-driven enterprise. Built on the SAP HANA Cloud database, this software as a service (SaaS) empowers you to better understand your business data and make confident decisions based on real-time information.

Extended capibilities

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Connect data across multi-cloud and on-premise repositories in real time while preserving business context


Empower users with a virtual workspace and no-code environment to connect, model, visualize, and share data securely in an IT-governed environment

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Get insights on real-time data and analyze all types of structured, unstructured, and geospatial data with in-memory speed


Reuse your existing BW models, transformations, and customizations with the BW bridge option. Accelerate time to value and capitalize on existing investments.

Key benefits


Connected enterprise

Eliminate data silos and more easily connect

data with business context

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Empowered users

Empower users with a data and analytics solution

that preserves data integrity and security

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Accelerated decision-making

Accelerate the time from data to insight to decisions by minimizing complexity for business and IT

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[WEBINAR] Connect your people + data with SAP Datasphere

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