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SAP Profitability
& Performance

What is SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM)

A modern way to execute complex calculations, rules and simulation with maximum flexibility that enables you to perform high-speed profitability and cost analysis.  

Key capabilities


Advanced Modeling

Build business-relevant models using predefined content and comprehensive allocations and arm your team with intuitive tools to create complex cost and profitability models.


Enterprise-wide Insights

Eliminate data silos through deeper analysis and share valuable insights across your organizations to build a single source of the truth for profitability and performance insights.


Real Time Decisions

Act in the moment with confidence by performing deep analysis quickly and gaining real-time insights at a click of a button. 

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Download our PaPM + Analytics rapid starter service package

Optimize your performance and profitability

Equip your business users to make smarter decisions, faster, to maximize business performance.

Achieve performance goals with deeper analysis from aligned sustainability and profitability models.

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Act with confidence and improve operations by using real-time what-if analysis and simulations to inform sustainability decisions.

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Use flexible modelling, prebuilt content, and sophisticated models for corporate, value chain, and financial and investment sustainability.

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Start maximizing your profitability

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