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A Day in the Life
of an Expert

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Meet Crystal Vázquez Zambrana

Hi, my name is Crystal Vázquez Zambrana. I am from Puerto Rico, but currently I live and work remotely in Washington state. I started to work for Analysis Prime in October of 2020, and I am part of the Experts-as-a-Service team. My role as a consultant consists of providing support of the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) platform and sharing all my SAC knowledge with the clients. I have the opportunity of working with clients and peers from different places and that is one of many things that I love about Analysis Prime. Let me show you how an average day can look for me:

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An average day in my job

7 - 8:30 AM: I like to play with Simba (my dog) before eating breakfast. Then I feed him and prepare some breakfast for myself. After eating and drinking coffee, I check my email to see if I received an urgent email from a client. I then go to walk with my dog before I start to work because, if I don’t do that, then he will get mad at me. Is very important to make him feel happy before I start to work.  

8:30AM - 12 PM: My workday starts. I check my email and connect to Microsoft Teams. Then I start to review the agenda and the tickets that are pending. I prioritize my workload and prepare for the meetings. If there is a pending issue, I spend some time in the system to fix it or I do some research to find the resolution of that issue. During the mornings, I usually join multiple meetings to discuss with the clients any pending issue or providing the status of a project.   

12 - 1 PM: Before having some lunch, I like to take a walk for 15 minutes. I love to walk because it gives me more energy for the rest of the day.  After walking, I usually eat some Leftovers from the night before. 

1 - 3 PM: If I do not have any pending issue or a meeting with a client, I usually divide my time between learning new skills and creating content. I am currently taking a course of SAC Advanced Planning. I am very excited about this course because I will learn a lot of new skills that I can implement in future projects, and I will get a certification at the end of the course.

3 - 3:10 PM: Coffee time! I am a coffee lover and I like to drink it during the rainy days. That means that I drink coffee every day because in Washington the rain never stops.  

3:10 - 5:30 PM: Before creating content, I like to always do some research or testing in the system. Then I start to build in the system the scenarios that I want to include in my content. It is important for all team to share the SAC content with our clients through blog posts, videos, or trainings. This content is published in the Analysis Prime University website and members can have access to this material. The content allows users to develop new skills and learn about all the features of the SAC platform.

5:30 - 7:30 PM: After finishing my workday, I like to do some workout. Then I start to cook a delicious dinner. Tonight I am making rice and beans. Dinner is always my person down time with my partner, and of course, Simba as well!

7:30 - 8:30 PM: I check my email during the night because, I have clients from different time zones, and I want to make sure that I don’t leave any urgent surprises untended to. I also like to plan the things that I want to do for the next day. After creating my agenda for the next day, I am ready to go to bed. My day is over, and I am very grateful that I was able to enjoy every part of it.

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