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Features in SAP Analytics Cloud You Might Have Missed (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Commonly Overlooked Features in SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) solution is feature-rich and can help to streamline operations in almost every aspect of your business. From business intelligence and augmented analytics to integrated financial planning, SAC does it all. So it’s only understandable that when trying to utilize this robust solution to its fullest potential, users often overlook a set of crucial features. In this segment of our 4-part series, we will explore several features that you may have overlooked.

Copy and Paste Widgets and Pages Across Stories

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve had to recreate the same dashboard page multiple times to use in different stories? If so, you understand how cumbersome this process could be. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be?

SAP Analytics Cloud allows users to copy and paste widgets and pages across stories as long as you are within the same browser tab. To do so, first, click on the page drop-down menu and click on copy.

Once you receive the confirmation that your page has been copied, head over to a new story or an existing story. Click on the add new page icon and select New from Clipboard.

When there are conflicting story variables or story preferences, SAP Analytics Cloud will provide you the option to either keep options from the source or destination story. Furthermore, when you have calculations that share the same name, SAC will automatically rename the calculation for you.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Creating a model within SAP Analytics Cloud can be scary or time-consuming. As someone who analyzes a ton of data that may not be used in the end, I try to minimize the time I spend modeling.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides you an I’m Feeling Lucky feature. It provides you the ability to drag and drop a CSV file into the application, automatically mapping your columns to a Measure, Generic Dimension, or Time Dimension.

For example, open SAP Analytic Cloud and remain on the home page. Locate the file you are interested in and drag the file over the SAP Analytics Cloud homepage.

You’ll notice that it provides you two options! As soon as you drop the file within I’m Feeling Lucky, SAP Analytics Cloud uses its machine learning capabilities to start building your model. Once it has built your model, it will directly put you into explorer mode to start analyzing your data.

As with any private model, once the model is created within the story, you can easily go back into data management right within the story and remap any columns that the application may have done incorrectly.

Note: you are required to have private model creation rights in order to view this feature.

Device Preview

Within any organization, people are using multiple devices to complete their work. Whether it’s on their laptop, monitors, tablets, or even projectors. It can be extremely difficult to know how your dashboard will look on every single device and you certainly don’t want to recreate a new dashboard for each one. Luckily, responsive pages within SAP Analytics Cloud solve most of it. However, people aren’t using the full extent of the relatively new addition. Device preview allows content creators to preview how their dashboards appear on multiple devices. You can even resize content depending on the device you are previewing.

Open a responsive dashboard you have already created or are in the process of creating. Within the toolbar, you’ll notice there is a Format section. Click on the Device Preview icon.

You will notice that once inside Device Preview, the title is cut off. To fix this issue, simply open the Designer Panel. Here, you can choose from additional options to format the sizing of your text within the corresponding object. Identical to stories, the options dynamically update based on the object you select!

Never used responsive pages before? Check out this incredibly informative blog written by SAP to learn more about this feature.

Discover other features that you may have missed in SAP Analytics Cloud by reading the next blog in this series.

SAP Analytics Cloud is constantly changing, making it difficult for users to keep up with all the exciting capabilities the solution has to offer. If you’re just getting started with SAC, want to brush up on your skills, or simply want to maximize the return on your SAP Analytics Cloud investment, be sure to take advantage of our cutting-edge training program, Analysis Prime University. Contact us for more information and begin your journey to mastering SAP Analytics Cloud today.


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