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Global IT Leader Optimizes Service Delivery with SAP Analytics Cloud

The Changing Forces of Service Delivery

The pace of digital transformation is changing at an unprecedented pace, forcing organizations to rethink traditional business processes and look to innovative and emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge. At the same time, forces such as the rise in demand for real-time data, self-service capabilities, and the new digital economy are forcing even greater changes in the way service is delivered and how businesses interact with their customers. Cohesively, these changes create tremendous opportunities for organizations to adopt disruptive and future-driven digital solutions.

Customer Situation

Our latest customer, a global information technology (IT) services provider and SAP systems integrator, partners with forward-thinking enterprises to simplify their business processes, improve customer experiences and create business value. On their mission to better help companies unlock hidden potential and accelerate growth, in recent years, our customer implemented SAP S4HANA Cloud to streamline its processes and gain greater insights into its own operations. But as the customer continued to rapidly grow, the solution’s embedded reporting capabilities lacked the robustness to keep up. The company needed a future-proof, collaborative and scalable solution that would unify all its enterprise-wide data sources under one system, eliminating manual redundancies and improving its planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes with other challenges including:

  • Inefficient data management with complex formulas in multiple Excel spreadsheets

  • Limited currency translations

  • Delayed forecasting

Why SAP Analytics Cloud

To make insight-driven decisions that help their customers address modern-day challenges with confidence, this IT leader chose to implement SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence and Planning to link financial and operational plans and seamlessly blend data from their existing ERP (S/4 Hana Cloud) solution with other data sources including Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, and Concur. The strategic initiative of implementing SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence (BI) and Planning, would enable our customer to improve budgeting and planning execution through streamlined processes, view comprehensive financial dashboards, and manage its budget cycle with increased control and higher accuracy with additional benefits including:

  • Improved collaboration with access to real-time view of the business

  • Automation of laborious manual processes

  • Single view of the entire business

  • Unified platform covering all enterprise-wide business requirements

  • Greater flexibility and agility in dashboards and reporting

  • Limited duplication of information

  • Enhanced data quality and standardization throughout the organization

Scope of Project

To support their mission to accelerate success through a seamless partnership with their customers, our customer selected Analysis Prime to ensure successful implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud for BI and Planning. Leveraging our undisputed industry expertise and recognized project success, Analysis Prime will be responsible for delivering on all phases of the implementation processes including blueprint, design, testing and training, and the go-live of our customer’s SAC project, enabling them to:

  • Efficiently forecast and track key KPIs including COGS, Profit Before Tax, SAG, and CAPEX.

  • Seamlessly integrate SAC to their exiting ERP system, Salesforce, and Concur.

  • Enjoy a unified data model that offers real-time information sharing.

  • Eliminate disparate, complex Excel spreadsheets for one single source of truth.

  • Leverage intuitive dashboards and reporting capabilities for a cohesive picture of the organization.

  • Streamline Direct Cost Planning processes.

  • Support multiple global cost planning centers.

  • Automate laborious manual workflows.

  • Improve efficiency and profitability rapidly.

Choosing Analysis Prime as a Strategic Partner

Just like our IT customer, Analysis Prime is dedicated to helping customers accelerate their digital transformation goals and drive growth and efficiency through modern technology solutions. Analysis Prime took the time to carefully dissect and understand the company’s pain points and goals and delivered a hyper-personalized live demonstration of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to its Finance and IT teams using their own set of data. The intricate discovery call coupled with a custom demonstration of our team’s functional and solution expertise quickly established trust and credibility, making Analysis Prime the perfect partner for our customer’s turnkey implementation.

About Analysis Prime

No matter where you are in your SAP Analytics Cloud journey, Analysis Prime has a proven process that removes the guesswork from planning and implementation of a new solution as well as ongoing support for an existing platform, bringing customers faster and greater value on their investment. Experience SAP Analytics Cloud in a live demonstration and learn more about what makes Analysis Prime unique and why customers choose us time and again for their SAP Analytics Cloud needs. 


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