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Renewable Energy Provider Adopts the Power of Group Reporting and SAP Analytics Cloud

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Powering the Future with Data Transparency

With renewable energy sources expected to make up 30% of the world’s electricity by 2024, clean energy providers are in a race to create sustainability for tomorrow and beyond at optimal efficiency. However, today’s constantly changing business conditions, are creating new pressures for organizations to identify hidden sources of savings and increase cashflows in rapid time. For companies made up of several subsidiaries, each operating through different systems and processes, this proves to be an even more difficult task. That’s why our recent customer, a US-based solar energy provider, turned to SAP Group Reporting coupled with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to streamline its consolidation and financial reporting processes to create data transparency and seamless planning and analysis for its entire organization. Through the predictive planning capabilities of SAC, our client is able to obtain greater insights into their operations by analyzing, forecasting, and reporting in a single location. By discovering new areas for optimization and automating manual tasks, our customer can truly deliver a modern financial close – all while creating sustainability!

Customer Pain Points

  • Lack of visibility into disparate systems of multiple subsidiaries with numerous charts of accounts.

  • Error-prone intracompany reconciliation resulting from manual communication and data transfer.

  • Time-consuming process for monitoring data and reporting among different, complex subsidiaries.

  • Inability to slice and dice data for a more granular data analysis.

  • Increased requirements to be able to report on several different profit centers.

Why Group Reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Centralized system for financial and operational data to optimize performance with real-time analytics.

  • Intuitive user interface to promote collaboration in real time between various business units.

  • Cohesive solution for planning and predictive analysis to gain greater insights into operations and promote smarter decision-making.

  • Powerful cloud capabilities to drive rapid innovation.

Scope of Project

On their digital transformation journey towards a more agile, intelligent enterprise, our client chose Analysis Prime as their trusted partner. Leveraging our subscription-based service, Experts-as-a-Service (ExaaS), our customer is partnered with a team of experts who will ensure successful implementation and integration between SAP Analytics Cloud for financial planning and Group Reporting. Once implemented, group reporting will provide our customer with added functions for group accounting and financial reporting with cohesive support for process control, data gathering and quality, and consolidation.

To ensure successful deployment, our experts will:

  • Configure a set of standard actual reports for both Group Reporting + SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Build and deploy Group Reporting to accelerate consolidated financial reporting and support future M&A transactions

  • Provide complete support for Blueprint, Testing, Training, and Go-Live

Why Analysis Prime

The selection and implementation process of a new software solution can be a time-consuming and intimidating process. That’s why it’s pivotal to get it right the first time and avoid running into problems with inaccurate, incomplete data, and/or the lack of appropriate training and support on this new platform by partnering with product experts. Being first-runners with SAP Analytics Cloud, our client leveraged our extensive experience to assess their specific needs, deliver a smooth implementation and help them realize the full benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud to boost results and outpace the competition.

“Analysis Prime differentiated themselves during the SI selection process by demonstrating in-house expertise in cutting-edge SAP reporting products and quickly grasping our complex requirements. Our business team is very excited for Analysis Prime to lead the design, implementation, and support of Group Reporting on S/4HANA, utilizing Fiori and SAP Analytics Cloud.” – VP, Information Technology

No matter where you are in your SAP Analytics Cloud journey, Analysis Prime has a proven process that removes the guesswork from planning and implementation of a new solution as well as ongoing support for an existing platform, bringing customers faster and greater value on their investment. Experience SAP Analytics Cloud in a live demonstration and learn more about what makes Analysis Prime unique and why customers choose us time and again for their SAP Analytics Cloud needs.


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