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Luxury Powerhouse Optimizes Workforce and Vendor Workflows with SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

To many, fashion is a unique form of self-expression that could change be changed freely and rapidly to align with an individual’s interests and mood. Luxury brands are particularly invaluable to consumers as they deliver work of art goods that are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship that truly transcend time. That is why it’s no surprise that the luxury goods market is projected to grow from $257.26B in 2020 to $352.84B in 2027. Given this growth, companies must look to innovation and workforce expansion to keep up and stand out.

Our recent customer, a luxury multinational fashion holding company, did just that.

Customer Situation

On their mission to deliver consumers with the freedom to express who they truly are by empowering women with confidence and inspiring creativity while redefining modern luxury through sustainability efforts, this fashion powerhouse encountered pain points in two main areas.

Extensive Vendors

  • Difficulty maintaining numerous vendor profiles through disparate data source systems.

  • Manual and inefficient process to analyze and report on vendor spend.

  • Lack of real-time insight due to data being stored in offline files.

Global Workforce

  • Cumbersome and inefficient analysis on growing, global headcount.

  • Inability to perform what-if scenarios using existing legacy HR system.

To expand its brands, develop talent, and propel its vision for modern luxury and sustainability, our client needed a unified solution that would offer self-service reporting and customized planning and analytics capabilities that offer real-time insights for all of its business units.

Why SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

  • Centralized, intuitive user interface that enables drill down on aggregated vendor spend and provides a comprehensive vendor profile.

  • Enhanced data modeling capabilities and flexibility

  • Powerful cloud and AI capabilities to promote rapid innovation and expansion.

Scope of Project

To continue delivering on its global commitment to innovation and inclusivity while propelling its brand and people forward, our client chose Analysis Prime to help achieve its key business objectives and deliver business outcomes. Through this strategic partnership, our customer is aligned with a team of experts who will ensure the successful implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. Once implemented, our customer will benefit from a single, enterprise-wide, source of truth that cultivates enhanced collaboration, self-service, and deep data analysis.

To ensure successful deployment, our experts will:

  • Configure a set of standard actual reports for SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • Provide comprehensive support for blueprint, testing, training, and go-live.

Why Analysis Prime

Choosing to implement a new software solution is intimidating. Entrusting an outside vendor to understand and carry out your strategic goals and values through successful implementation, is daunting. That is why our client turned to Analysis Prime. Being first runners with SAP Analytics Cloud, we provided our customer with unmatched expertise, addressing their specific needs, offering education on the solution’s capabilities, and developing rapid prototypes around key pain points that demonstrate long-term business value.

No matter where you are in your SAP Analytics Cloud journey, Analysis Prime has a proven process that removes the guesswork from planning and implementation of a new solution as well as ongoing support for an existing platform, bringing customers faster and greater value on their investment. Experience SAP Analytics Cloud in a live demonstration and learn more about what makes Analysis Prime unique and why customers choose us time and again for their SAP Analytics Cloud needs. 


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